Intelligent Navigation System
Designed and developed in Singapore, Galactio V8 and V8-HD bring you the best-in-class navigation experience on PND, and On-Dash and In-Dash hardware platforms.

With a design philosophy focused on motorists, Galactio delivers rich features in an intuitive and user friendly environment. Cutting edge technology delivers lightning fast routes, ultra fast predictive search, compelling graphics and best in breed TMC information.

What's New

MCE Map Updates Now Available for Singapore

Jan 14, 2014

The latest expressway in Singapore is now part of the map. Select a destination and let the routing engine get you the most optimized route.



Ultra-fast Routing

  • Ultra fast route calculation
  • Traffic Avoidance Routing
  • Toll (ERP) minimization Routing

Rich Graphics

  • 3D Buildings
  • Road Elevation
  • Stunning Junction Views

Best-in-class TMC

  • Traffic & Road Information
  • Parking Availability Information
  • Weather Forecast

Localized Content

  • Predictive Text Keyboard
  • Restaurant Data (from ShowNearby)
  • Professional local voices & localized TTS


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